I built this website in order to learn a little about the Python driven web framework Flask. I also had never run a web server and I thought that might be interesting too. So far, it has been very interesting! The tough part is developing content that someone somewhere may find useful.

The website itself uses Flask to automate some of the tasks involved in creating more content. Initially I followed a guide from pythonprogramming.net to build the framework of the site. It is an amazing resource if you want to learn simple or more complex Python programming concepts. Treat yourself and check it out!

I am using Bootstrap for styling, although I modified the css and I hope the site looks at least somewhat unique. Trying to create something that isn't hideous can be difficult and slightly frusterating. Hopefully the content is easily accessible and the styling isn't too bad!

I am a 33 year old family man and nerd that enjoys doing nerdy things. I work for a cellular provider doing nerdy things to LTE sites and routers. I enjoy what I do and I hope to share some of what I know in the future. In fact, sharing my projects and what I know is the other reason I made this site. Since you ended up here somehow I can only assume that you are a fellow nerd! I hope you find some of this stuff interesting.

I hope this site will allow me to meet some interesting folks. If you have any questions or you found something useful feel free to reach out and say hi. If you spot an error or have some knowledge to share I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for poking around my website,