• Kubenetes Cluster Tutorial

    Begin learning about Kubernetes by creating a two node Kubenetes cluster and using Calico for the container network!

  • Docker and netns

    Troubleshooting containers can be frustrating as you often don't have the tools you want within the container itself. I will show you how you can use host tools within the network namespace of the container.

Raspberry Pi

  • Raspberry Pi Kiosk

    The Raspberry Pi can be used as capable and inexpensive kiosk for personal or even business use. This project will go over setup of the Raspberry Pi and how to create the Python code to drive a browser.

  • Pi Radio

    I turned an old broken 1930s TrueTone radio into an Internet radio with a custom front-end written in Python3.

  • Arcade 1up MAME cabinent

    When I was growing up arcades were everywhere, now they are rare. By modifying an Arcade 1up machine you can play all your old favorites!